Snacking has become nearly universal with 94% of adults in the U.S. snacking at least once a day and half of adults snacking two to three times per day. With this much snacking, consumers are now looking to get from snacks much of the nutrition they once got from meals.

Health is therefore an important factor driving which snacks consumers eat. Compared to last year, 33% of consumers are eating healthier snacks, and nearly the same percentage of parents are giving their children healthier snacks.

Despite all of the snack options available, 60% of consumers say they wish there were more healthy snack options available.

More than one third of adult snackers are limiting their intake of sweets like cookies, candy and ice cream. This number is even higher (45%) amongst the Swing Generation/World War IIs, a generation for which Roman Meal is especially popular.

With consumers also looking to help stave off hunger, the enduring satiation of fiber-rich whole grains is just one more reason to favor whole grains as a snack ingredient from a trusted brand – or co-brand – like Roman Meal.




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Source: Mintel, Snacking Attitudes and Motivations – US, April 2015