Our History


Matthaei family opened the first bakery in Marburg, Germany.

The family’s master baker Henry Matthaei moved to Kansas City.

William P. Matthaei, Henry’s son, relocated to Tacoma, WA.

matthaei bakery

Dr. Robert Jackson formulated Roman Meal Health Meal, a whole grain mix inspired by the legions of ancient Rome who survived on a daily ration of two pounds of wheat or rye.

Roman Meal Company was formed to keep up with demand for whole grain mix.

Matthaei family bought Roman Meal Company and used baking expertise to create one of the first whole grain breads available in the U.S.

Roman Meal Bread was born.

Roman Meal Milling Company was established in Fargo, ND.

Roman Meal Milling Company’s name was changed to Dakota Specialty Milling (DSM).

Matthaei family acquired Dakota Blenders in St. Louis, MO (DB).

Roman Meal’s Trademark for Bread, Buns & Rolls in the North American market was sold to Flowers Foods, Inc.  Roman Meal International sharpened business focus on international markets.

Dakota Specialty Enterprises (DSE) was formed to streamline all the businesses under one roof.

Gluten Free plant was set up at Dakota Specialty Milling (DSM).

Dakota Specialty Transport (DST) was established to make transportation part of our business more customer friendly.

Now there are four companies under Dakota Specialty Enterprises (DSE): Roman Meal Company, Dakota Specialty Milling (DSM), Dakota Blenders (DB) and Dakota Specialty Transport (DST).

By bringing all the companies together under Dakota Specialty Enterprises (DSE), Roman Meal Company has come to represent all of our sister companies’ products.  With our enhanced capabilities, we are confident we can meet & exceed your expectations, whatever they may be.  We also promise on-time delivery.